Hi, I am Maryna Cherednikova.

Oh my! You really are here!

Well, that’s an honour, I'll skip my excitement right to the most important part.

 My story began in Ukraine, but now I call beautiful Australia home. As for 2021 I have two awesome human kids and two cute furry babies, one man - love of my life and a million great plans for our future.

I'm a big fan of hot cappuccino, creamy pina-colada, quest rooms, adventuring outdoors, good funky music and classic rock-n-roll, vintage t-shirts, all kinds of hats and relaxed family days. Also I'm a bit obsessed with the space and dreaming flying there some day.

I have always been fascinated with art, design, history and experiencing new cultures mostly through traveling.

Long time ago my father gave me my first lenses and I found myself in the middle of beautiful chaos: coloured walls, geometry made with shadows, real emotions, unplanned gorgeous messy moments - all that I saw through my lenses and it still makes my heart skip a beat.

All of that brought me to the fact that I can be a storyteller and travel all over the world doing what I absolutely love.

I believe Love – is my superpower. I feel deep. That’s what I show in my pictures. No wonder, I love weddings so much. They’re a big, beautiful, chaotic expression of love, emotion and passion. There is so much deep beauty in the seemingly ordinary. When you found each other, everything changed. Ordinary life transformed into an extraordinary adventure together. I strive to create images that make you feel each time you look at them. The touch. The sneaky tender smile. The look you think that no one see. The way you carry her dress. The way she touches your shoulder with her finger pads. I want to capture that single happy tear in your loved one’s eye that will speak for years to come. I want to take you back to each moment and relive the feeling of what it was like to be there.

Nothing gives me more delight than seeing two people celebrating their connection together, so thank you for considering me to play such an important role in your wedding day.



Much love,





“Maryna is not a cherry on the top of the cake… She IS the cake! Sweet, beautiful person, so talented! We felt so much joy with her, shared lots of laughs and some tears of joy as well. Strait ahead she felt like a long-time friend of ours. It was easy and the result exceeded all our expectations! My mom, who sadly couldn’t be at our wedding said she relived that day with us to the fullest when we send her photos. It was the best wedding and we can’t thank universe enough - we had the best photographer!”