Hi hey hello!

Welcome to my Mother's Day Special sessions price guide !

My name is Maryna, I am a mom of MRS. GIVE-ME-MY-BOOBY-NOW and MR. ONE-MORE-BOOK-please-MOM!

My two tiny monsters give me endless joy of being their mom and sometimes I wish I could preserve each day in a memory with them. Well... almost each.

That's why I want to treat every Super Mom with my gift to you - 150$ OFF ANY PHOTOSHOOT for a mother.

Weather you are expecting, you have a baby or maybe you are the one reading on their door "do not disturb" sign, and of course if you are a grandma - this offer is for you! I would take is as a great honour to become your family photographer, make you laugh, feel comfortable in front of the camera, have a great day and save your memories in photos.

Hip hip hooray for Mother's Day!

All the prices above doesn't include Mother's Day special offer YET!


Just take a look how lucky I am to shoot such incredible beautiful mothers!